Protect your Assets

Happy #TipTuesday! Let’s talk about protecting your assets, like your RV! There are a few reasons you should keep your RV under a carport… Sun Damage. Constant exposure to the sun wears down the roof material, ultimately drying out the caulking used to seal vents and air conditioning units. Moisture Protection. Water can pool on […]

Mistakes to avoid

There are three common mistakes that people make when buying a shed… Under-estimating your storage space requirements Not buying a shed built with durable materialsNot placing the shed on a proper foundationAt Shed Girls, we pride ourselves on helping you through a hassle free process from start to finish. That way you avoid these common […]

What Size & Style?

ou know you need a shed but you’re not sure about what size or style… Here are the things you need to consider in order to choose the right shed for you

“I should have added a walk-in door”

Building Regret #5…”I should have added a walk-in door”Opening your utility door every time you want to enter or exit your building can be a hassle. Many people regret not have an entrance that allows them to get in and out of their shed more easily. When building your shed, opt for a simple walk-in […]

“I should have bought what I actually wanted”

Building Regret #6…And finally, on of the most common regrets we hear… “I should have bought what I actually wanted”It’s totally normal to cut costs and compromise when making a big purchase for your home. However, make cost cutting compromises can lead to spending your hard-earned money of a building that just isn’t “it” for […]

Lets talk Roofs

For this #TipTuesday, we want to talk roofs and how to pick the best roof style for your building… The rolled corner with the standard horizontal roof has been around for decades and is the most common type of roof style. These kinds of roofs are cost effective because they have no trims or ridge […]

Do you need a metal carport for your RV?

Should you have a metal carport for your RV? The answer is yes, and you can read why here…/#ShedGirls#RVLife#ProtectYourAssets#EagleCarports#StarBuildingsandCarports

SHED tips

You know you need a shed, but you don’t know where to put is… No worries. We got you! Here are a few tips to choose the ideal shed location… Consider the function of the shed. What is its primary purpose? Do you need access to a hose, water, or electricity? Consider ground conditions. The […]

Q’s & A’s

We hear this question ALL the time. And the answer is YES! You need to protect your assets!#ShedGirls#EagleCarports#StarBuildingsandCarports#MetalRoof#MetalBuildings#QandA#FAQ