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Business Development

Likes – Puppies, Chocolate and Mafia Documentaries

Dislikes – Heights, Bugs and Bad Attitudes

Favorite Quote – ” Have the attitude of a champion and the hustle of an underdog. “



General Manager

Likes – When my kids listen

Dislikes – When my kids don’t listen.

Favorite Quote – ” There is a past version of yourself that is so proud of how far you have come. “



Sales Manager

Likes – Animals, Traveling, Working out and My Family

Dislikes – Too much to name

Favorite Quote – ” Hard is what makes it good, if it was easy everyone would do it. “



Building Design Specialist

Likes – Working out, Cookies, Family, Friends, and my Frenchie, Chunk!

Dislikes – Cardio, Anchovies, Oysters, Unfairness and Lying

Favorite Quote – ” Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. “



Building Design Specialist

Likes – I love talking to people, Outdoor activites such as boating and fishing, I love my family gatherings and friends, Mostly I love God almighty for all that he has blessed me with, I love my cat bootisie  ( all 18 pounds of him  ), my sweet little donkey Checo and lastly I love my job and my co-workers who have helped me regain my life!

Dislikes – Confrontation and Sour attitudes

Favorite Quote – ” All things are possible if only you believe. “



Building Sign Specialist

Likes – My babies 

Dislikes – Bananas

Favorite Quote – ” Everything happens for a reason. “


Building Design Specialist

Likes – The color purple, Food, My doggo and I love my car

Dislikes – Ground Beef

Favorite Quote – ” Strive for Greatness. ” – LeBron James


Building Design Specialist

Likes – I am a diehard foodie, and very passionate about dog, especially Frenchies

Dislikes – I strongly hate traffic

Favorite Quote – ” If you want to become fearless, choose love. “

Hailey D

Building Design Specialist

Likes – Working out, Painting, Dogs and True crime shows

Dislikes – Red ants and Plumbing issues

Favorite Quote – ” It is in our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. “

Hailey O

Building Design Specialist

Likes – My Family

Dislikes – Ignorance

Favorite Quote – ” No matter how straight the gate, how charged with punishments, the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my ship.  


Building Design Specialist

Likes – Making people laugh, Singing loud in my car and Cheese.

Dislikes – Feet, Hair and Peas

Favorite Quote – ” Work hard now, the rest of your life will be easy, work easy now the rest of your life will be hard. “



Marketing Specialist

Likes – Honey Buns and Spending money

Dislikes – Spending Money

Favorite Quote – ” Moving at Godspeed. “

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