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They say “everything’s bigger in Texas,” and if they’re talking about abundant skies, gorgeous sprawling landscapes, and endless acres of farmland, they’d be right! In fact, the Lonestar State is home to almost 250,000 farms that cover over 127 million acres of land. That makes Texas the 9th largest economy in the world!


As you can imagine, agriculture plays an enormous part in the state’s economic structure. Texas leads the nation in number of cattle but is also a major producer of cotton, citrus fruit, and rice as well. And have you ever thought about the one factor that keeps these different agricultural fixtures running? You guessed it! Metal buildings! These industries rely on the infrastructure provided by custom metal buildings to function well. Whether it’s housing cattle in metal barns or storing fruit and vegetables in refrigerated warehouses, these businesses all need the versatility, strength, and customization that steel structures offer.

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Types of Metal Buildings in Texas

Shed Girls offers a wide range of fully customizable building types! These structures are incredibly adaptable and can be engineered for almost any application. There are so many options that it may seem a bit confusing. So, to help make a little more sense of the wide variety of products we offer, we’ve put together a list of some of our most popular building types:

A commercial metal building is a blanket term for any type of metal structure used for commercial purposes. From garages to retail establishments, these buildings can be designed to serve many different industries.

Owning a vehicle is an expensive investment, and if you don’t take proper care of your automobiles, they’ll rust, decay, and fall apart before your very eyes. Metal carports are your number one weapon in the fight against the elements. These structures will protect your cars, trucks, and essential equipment safe from harsh UV rays, high winds, torrential rainfall, and almost anything else Mother Nature can conjure!

When you need a little more coverage than a traditional carport can provide, you want a metal garage. Metal garages are fully enclosed and can be customized with multiple garage doors and windows, giving you the power to work on your vehicles in a warm environment, even in the coldest winter months.

For ranchers, farmhands, and equine lovers, there are very few construction options as viable as metal barns. These buildings can be adapted and customized to include large entry doors, stalls, and even swing-out windows – all you’ll need to keep your animals warm, comfortable, and cozy.


RV Covers

RV covers are much like our traditional carports but larger. These structures are designed taller and wider to give you ample space to store large vehicles like recreational vehicles, motorhomes, and buses. 



Steel buildings are so much more than just carports and sheds! Did you know that you can finish out the interior of your metal building to make it indistinguishable from a traditional wooden structure? These buildings make excellent homes, extra living quarters, guest rooms, or entertainment rooms!

Why Texas Needs Metal Buildings from Shed Girls

Texas is an expansive state with many industries that contribute to the economy. From agriculture to the technology sector and even aviation, The Lonestar State is quite diverse. And these industries all rely on metal buildings to function from day to day. Only custom metal buildings have the flexibility and abundance of square footage these businesses need to operate. And wooden structures simply can’t compete in terms of size and cost-effectiveness.


And we haven’t even touched on just how strong these buildings can be! Metal structures are constructed from galvanized steel, one of the most flexible and strong building materials on the planet. By combining sheer strength with the ability to flex when facing external forces like wind, these structures can stand up to almost anything. So there’s a reason most skyscrapers and bridges are made from good old-fashioned steel!


And where is this strength most often put to the test? You guessed it! Texas is home to some of the most violent weather in the United States. Massive thunderstorms, record-breaking hail, heavy snowfall, tornadoes, and even hurricanes are just a few of the weather events that the region sees each year. Due to these weather patterns, many Texas residents have turned to custom metal buildings for protecting their vehicles, animals, and valuables from the elements. Steel structures are rated and certified to stand up to almost any kind of weather.

Customizing Your Metal Building

Our metal buildings at Shed Girls are highly customizable. You can customize color, doors and windows, size, and roof styles according to your need and specifications. With our flexible customization option, you can change, update, or add any aspect of your structure to make it your own. And to show you how many customization options are available for your metal building, we’ve put them together in a list.

Building Sizes

No matter the application, you can rest assured you’ll have plenty of room! Our buildings come in many configurations and sizes, from smaller utility sheds to enormous industrial warehouses.


Your metal building doesn’t have to be drab, cold, and utilitarian! Easily add splashes of color on your paneling, roofing, trim, and even wainscoting to transform it into something truly unique! You can even affect your building's energy efficiency by painting them lighter shades in hotter climates and darker hues in more frigid regions.

Panels, Doors, and Windows

An important aspect of your building's look will come down to your choice of paneling, windows, and doors. We have various window and door options, from standard options to oversized garage bay doors for large vehicles.


The thickness of both your framing and paneling can be customized depending on your needs. Our standard gauges are more than capable of standing up to the elements, but reinforcements may be necessary for those that live in regions that experience extremely heavy weather events.

Roof Style

Shed Girls offers several roofing types, each with its own aesthetic styles and advantages. These roofs are each dedicated to handling a different climate, from calm regions to sections of the US that frequently experience severe weather.

Popular Sizes for Metal Buildings

At Shed Girls, we know that owning a metal building is a big investment! So, it’s crucial to perform the proper research to determine what building type and size you require. To help you along the way, we’ve listed several of our most popular size options.

Preparing Your Site for Installation

So, you’ve purchased your building, and the big installation day is quickly approaching! Before your building is installed, there are several vital elements you’ll need to have covered. These include:

Choosing the right build site

You’ll want to ensure that the location for your building is suitable and accessible for installation crews.

Get the proper permits!

Before starting any construction project, you need to obtain the necessary permits and permissions from your local building inspectors. These permits can vary from region to region, and failure to obtain them can result in fines and penalties.

Remove debris

Before your installation crew arrives, you'll need to ensure that your build site is cleared of debris and anything that might cause an obstruction.

Prepare the soil

You'll want to make certain that your installation site is properly graded and entirely level. No one wants a crooked building!

Choose your foundation

You’ll have several foundation options available to you. These include standard soil, asphalt, and concrete slabs. Each of these types come with their own advantages, but you'll want to let the installation crew know which foundation you've chosen so that they can bring the proper tools and equipment.

The Right Roof System, Texas-Style

As we’ve mentioned, Shed Girls offers a large assortment of metal buildings and numerous roofing options to suit your needs. To give you an idea of the different roofing options available to you, we’ve listed them and their unique benefits below:

The Benefits of Metal Buildings

If you haven’t noticed by now, we really love metal buildings. And a big part of our love for them comes from their many benefits. These structures can be built quickly, efficiently, and with a fraction of the headaches found in traditional wooden construction. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite benefits to owning a metal building.


Our metal buildings are engineered to last for years, and with minimal maintenance, these structures can last for generations!


Did you know that our buildings are entirely recyclable? Not only do our buildings save trees from the chopping block, but once your building has reached the end of its life, it can be melted down and recycled.


You won’t believe just how much of your building can be customized! Everything can be tailored to your needs, from accessories like cupolas and extra ventilation systems to the wainscoting. Everything is at your fingertips!

Resistant to the Elements

Our structures are forged from galvanized steel, making them naturally resistant to moisture, rust, mold, mildew, and even fires up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit! When faced with such forces, wooden buildings would decay, crumble, and burn.

Low Maintenance

Due to the benefits mentioned above, these structures require minimal repair and maintenance. Simply keep the roof free of debris and wash it with a pressure washer every season, and it will be a fixture of your family for years to come.


Did you know that you can save up to 50% in construction costs simply by choosing steel over wood? With savings before, during, and long after the installation, wood simply can’t compete with our metal building prices!

Metal Buildings Work, No Matter the Purpose or Application

There are many different applications for our metal buildings. These versatile structures can be designed, adapted, and outfitted to work well in every venue, from simple residential equipment sheds to enormous industrial buildings. Let’s take a look at some inventive ways to use your new metal structure:

  1. Storage Space
    Everyone needs a place to store their things. Whether it’s lawn equipment or your Gam Gam’s old quilt collection, these buildings can give you the room you need to keep your home and life free of clutter.

  2. Agricultural Building
    If you own a farm or handle livestock regularly, you probably already know just how helpful metal buildings can be. These buildings give you the ability to store grain or shelter your animals from the elements.


  1. Retail and Office Spaces
    We’ve talked about how our metal structures can easily be finished with insulation, drywall, and some paint to distinguish them from typical wooden alternatives. This makes them perfect for retail spaces and offices. These buildings are so useful that over 80% of all new commercial construction projects are steel-based!


  1. Hobby Shops and Studio Spaces
    If you have hobbies and projects that need their own space, a metal building is a great solution. These buildings are flexible and are a perfect fit for any number of hobbies or crafts.

Why Permits and Building Codes are Important

If you’ve ever undertaken any major construction project, you’re fully aware that you’ll need to contact building inspectors and code enforcement experts to ensure that your structure is legal. And the same goes for metal buildings. Before installation, you’ll want to contact your local inspectors and obtain all necessary permits. Failing to do so can result in significant fines, penalties, and even the removal of your building entirely.


The certification process for metal buildings ensures that they are strong enough to withstand the weather in a particular region. Our buildings are certified to hold up to the weather in almost any part of the US!

Polish Your DIY Skills with Our Metal Building Kits!

Are you skilled with a hammer and nails? Possess an innate talent for building things? If this sounds familiar, you’ll enjoy our metal building kits! These kits come with everything you’d find in our standard premium metal buildings, except you install it yourself!

Our kits are precisely manufactured for easy construction, removing many of the headaches you’d find in similar DIY projects. So, if you don’t have the time to schedule an installation and want the pride of a job completed yourself, our metal building kits are a great solution.

Financing Options

Shed Girls is dedicated to ensuring that anyone can be a proud owner of a metal building, regardless of their budget! To help, we offer several fantastic options, including financing through Hearth for buildings up to 100 thousand dollars. This financing option can even give you same-day approval!

If standard financing is not your cup of tea, we offer a great rent-to-own program for buildings up to 20 thousand dollars, depending on the manufacturer and the region.

So, no matter your budget, the metal building of your dreams is only a call away!

Why Choose Shed Girls for Your Next TX Metal Building

Whether you need a place to store your new car or you’re hoping to open a new retail store, metal buildings are some of the most cost-effective construction methods on the market. These structures are strong,            quickly constructed, and engineered to last for years to come. Whether you need a small backyard equipment shed or a large-scale garage, we have the skill and experience to get it done!

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