offers a NO CREDIT CHECK rent to own option. EVERYONE is approved.

Rent to Own is available for units up to $20,000 with 2, 3, 4 and 5 year options available.

ShedGirls-Rent-To_own-PlansFlat 20% Deposit

Rent To Own Divisors

24 month term- cash price divided by 14.1

36 month term- cash price divided by 19.8

48 month term- cash price divided by 21.6

60 month term- cash price divided by 24


Garage w/ Lean to, $21.213,00

Deposit 20% $4.242,60

60 Months $883,88



Rent to Own:

Rent to own is an option most people tend to go with instead of investing thousands of dollars in one day. Instead paying a portion toward “renting” the building each month.

With the option to  pay off as early as you’d like without any early payoff penalties. Regardless of the term. Sometimes customers will choose to go with the longer term if they plan on paying it off sooner that way, they have a smaller monthly payment.

Depending on the size of the building, pay a small amount down.


Metal Building Rent to Own:

We offer different monthly terms  24-, 36-, 48- and 60-month terms. Same rules apply! Pay off the building as early as you would like without any early pay off penalties as well. The deposits are a little different. Depending on which building you are buying will determine what percentage downpayment is required. Down payment varies anywhere between 10-20%)  Upon delivery/installation the customer would pay first months rent to install crew with cashier’s check or money order.


Positive side to rent to own
Rent to own is a good solution for someone who does not want to have their credit ran or also someone who doesn’t want to show a debt on their credit. Which would cause their debt to income ratio and borrowing power to suffer when buying a car or house for example. it is also a good solution for someone who uses their building as a tax Write off and does not want to depreciate it over a long term 5-7 years period. If it is put on rent to own they can deduct their entire “rental” payments throughout the term or even for a specified amount of time. Please check with your tax advisor, We are not providing consulting only examples from our experience. The rent to own agreement can be paid off at any time without early payoff penalties, some people even  rent to own short term and then refinance later. For example during a home buying process, if placed on rent to own the buyer can even turn it in at any time. This is something you can not do if purchased outright or financed.